I-Code for TAD

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Provide your teamTAD Discord community identity to obtain your I-Code

Your Discord Username*:
Your Discord ID**:

*If you used some symbols in your username, this may not work; as this module checks your username exactly. It is also case-sensitive

**To get your Discord ID do this:
Right click on your own username on the Right side of the Discord app, select Copy ID from the menu. If you cannot see the menu, then you need to switch on the Developer mode in your user settings. See this video to see how to set the Developer mode and find the Discord ID.

Note that right clicking on your name at the bottom left of the Discord app will NOT give your Discord ID. You should right-click ONLY on your username at the member list on the right side of the Discord app.

Why is a Discord username needed to use TAD?
The answer is simple: All the TAD files you make are protected by this username. So in case your files are opened at an another office, they will not be able to use it without your permission. There are other reasons too which you can read in our documentation